X.com Approves Adult Content: What Creators Need to Know

Author: Team TEASY

Updated on: June 28, 2024

X has taken a massive step by formally approving adult content on its platform. This policy provides new opportunities for adult content creators to engage in free sexual expression. This article discusses X’s move to approve users to post adult nudity and graphic content on the platform, its repercussions, and how it can affect adult content creators.

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Understanding the Policy: X.com Approving Adult Content

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X, formerly Twitter, has recently updated its policies to allow explicit content. According to X’s Adult Content policy, users now have the freedom to "share consensually produced and distributed adult nudity or sexual behavior, provided it's properly labeled and not prominently displayed.

This policy change also allows adult users to consume material related to sexual themes as long as the content is consensually produced and distributed. X considers “sexual expression, whether visual or written, can be a legitimate form of artistic expression.”

While this content policy allows adult content creators to share and create content depicting sexual behavior, X continues to prohibit content promoting exploitation, objectification, and any form of harm to minors.

Consensually Produced and Distributed: What Does It Mean?

X maintains its strong stance toward consent. Therefore, all adult and graphic content, whether pictures or videos, must be created and shared with the consent of the content creator and the parties involved in its production and distribution.

Apart from consent, the other key requirements for sharing and distributing explicit content include:

Age-Restriction Warnings

All forms of adult nudity and other sexually graphic images or videos shared on X should have the label Adult Content.

Adult Content Must Not Be Prominently Displayed

All content depicting adult nudity or sexual behavior must not be used for profile photos or banners that can be viewed by the general public.

Animated or AI-Generated Adult Content

All animated or AI-generated content that depicts nudity or sexual behavior, whether photographic or otherwise, must follow X’s Adult Content Policy. Such content includes cartoons, manga, hentai, and anime.

How to Distribute and Consume Material Related to Sexual Themes

X will have the ages of all adult users who either consume or post adult material verified. They also have to adjust their media settings to access such content.

This approach allows the platform to maintain freedom by restricting exposure to adult content for children.

Here's a guide on how to view adult content on your X account on your mobile:

  • Tap and launch X.

  • Go to your Profile Icon (upper-left corner).

  • Select the “Settings & Support.”

  • Choose “Settings and privacy.”

  • Tap on “Privacy and safety”, and choose “Content you see.”

  • Turn on the “Display media that may contain sensitive content” toggle switch.

What the Future Holds for X: Adult Users and Adult Content Creators

Now that X permits adult content on its platform, the move encourages freedom of expression and free speech among adult users and content creators. However, considering the guidelines mentioned in the policy, these rights are not absolute and should be practiced responsibly.

Regardless, the policy opens up new avenues for content creators in the adult industry, including OnlyFans models, to express themselves. The social media platform can serve as a means to potentially attract a broader fan base and gain more subscribers.

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